Sunday, 7 April 2013

I don't get it?

Two observations from our trip to Vegas:

Trophy Wives....what is that all about. Saw a number of these women, dressed to the nines and dutifully following some suit through the stores and hotels. He carried the bags she looked nice if not a little scared!

Guns... the taxi driver was very enthusiastic in telling us that we could go and play with guns in Vegas. He was real excited about the machine guns? I just don't get that desire to fire weapons. It is a whole different world in the states. I am a believer in protecting your home and family, but guns should be an absolute last resort. Canada doesn't seem so crazy about the guns, I know some like to Hunt, Shoot and Fish. Isn't there enough sadness in this world without giving people guns to play with as a recreational activity!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Slap Therapy in hardback

Click on the Shutterfly link to view the hardback of my Slap Therapy manual. Just a bit of fun and I wanted to get a proper book version made. Please review and give me your feedback.

Home again...

Got back from Vegas on Tuesday. Took nearly as long to get from Victoria than it did from Vegas! Day off on Wednesday when we got some more of the fencing done then two days at work. Glad to have a day off.
Vegas was good. Weather was warm, accommodation good and lots to do. We walked miles! Legs are still aching. The picture is of the waterfall at the Wynn. What a fabulous hotel, very classy. Back to the real world now. I have several thoughts about observations in Vegas which I will share at another time.