Sunday, 9 June 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge


One of the very best things I've done was to join a journaling club. My friend Sue had been with her daughter and raved about it, she then invited me to go along. As usual in many situations I appear to be the token male (men seem really odd or adverse about group activity?). We always have great time and laugh a lot. For $10 we get to try out various journaling/art techniques with support and of course use of the fancy supplies (I am usually too mean to buy fancy stuff, usually using supplies form the Dollar store or stuff I have recycled or found at the Thrift store) so this is a real treat. I joined the clubs Facebook page and they posted a 30 day drawing challenge, two lists of stuff to draw on a daily basis. What fun! I don't always draw in my art work (I love collage and use magazine images a lot) so this is pushing me in new directions. Have a peek see what you think?


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Buy Slap Therapy with Paypal

Special Offer!
Just received a new batch of Slap Therapy Books.
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Happy Slapping!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New website!

Back to work today after 10 days off, including my birthday. Have launched the Slap Therapy website in addition to the Facebook page to keep the interest going for the Slap Therapy manual.

Please view at:

Will endeavor to include as much fun stuff as possible.
My first delivery of books arrived on Friday, which was kind of a big deal! The books look great and another bulk order has been placed.

Art Journaling was great last night with the gals at She Runs with Scissors. We made stamps which was super cool. Loving it! TTFN

Friday, 24 May 2013

Just a couple of rants of note in the last few days. First why do products have labels that are near impossible to get off? We have just re-roofed our deck with corrugated PVC sheets. They each had a label in one corner. I used Varsol to remove the sticky, or so I thought. This just turned the remaining glue to a pale purple "snot" which then spread like hell and coated everything that it touched, mostly my hands! I was not a happy camper. Thus said Mark did a great job of the roof which looks excellent.

Rant two, why can't people signal when driving, or signal as they start to turn? Hello.......the indicators on a car are to indicate to other drivers of your intentions to turn into junctions/roads etc. In Campbell River the drivers appear, or I am just so unlucky to encounter then on a frequent basis, awful drivers. At a junction yesterday, van parked near junction, car in front braked, so I brake, van continues to pull out despite me stopping. The van then honks its horn at me! Hello...braking to avoid hitting the car ahead.

No wonder I think slap therapy is a valid intervention!

Monday, 20 May 2013

1930's influence.

 I have posted a number of art journal pages onto the Gallery page. These were inspired by a thrift store find, a 1930's Eaton catalogue packed with black and white images of the fashions of the day. I have of course added my own slant to the images by adding some risqué comments or a modern twist to make them fun. I have also scanned these finished pages and had then printed to stick onto greetings cards (at the suggestion of a friend). They are not half bad.
It is Victoria Day today (Public Holiday)_ so we have been busy building a new roof for the back deck, sadly rain stopped play at 4pm. Dinner is being prepared as I speak. My contribution is Lemon Brownies, never had them before (recipe posted on Facebook and Pintrest) I hope they taste as good as they smell. TTFN