Saturday, 14 April 2012

Back to relative normality

Home again after a five night jolly to Vegas. Wow! what a place! We went to Vegas primarily to surprise my brother and his wife who were there to meet up with my niece and her partner, who was celebrating his 40th birthday. Arrived last Sunday only to find neither cell phone would work in the states! Wandered down into the hotel lobby only to bump into them. My brothers face was priceless! He was speechless for some minutes, trying to get his head around the situation. We had both spoken to my sister in law on Facebook in the previous days, asking benial holiday questions which did feel a bit deceitful.

Vegas was great fun for the few days we were there. Met up every evening for supper which was great (really appreciate family in a way I didn't before). Took a trip to the Hoover Dam on Wednesday and flew back to Victoria on Thursday. Caught up with friends in Victoria on Thursday evening and took a scenic and leisurely drive back yesterday. Nice to get away just for a few days, enjoy the company and the sunshine. Time to buckle down in the garden. Realised it is only 7 weeks until we go back to England for a visit which should be fun (I am having my doubts as I haven't set foot in the motherland for almost three years!!!). Must dash...the sun is shining and an unfinished fence is calling. Laters!

Monday, 2 April 2012


Monday morning and I am on the last day of my long weeked (I am lucky enough to work a four day week, with a four day weekend every other it!). Suffered a creative funk over the weekend. Had intended to spend time doing something creative, but until Sunday morning the creative juices were definately in a drought! Got out in the yard on Sunday, in the sunshine to put in fence posts and tidy up a bit. Today, the weather is not kind with relentless wind and rain. Home alone so tackled some chores and some creative stuff. Have numerous projects on the go. Was lured by the internet to trawl Flickr as I do every so often. There are some truely talented folks out there. Came upon this piece of work which made me laugh out loud. It would be rude not to post it. Have a great day!