Postcard made from 50% paper and 50% Fabric. Original photo printed onto Cotton. Published May/June 2012

Mixed Media piece. Subject "Silouhette". Cloth paper, drift wood, rope, wire and dryer sheets. Acrylic paint and Marker pens. Published Jan/Feb 2013


Images made using dryer sheets, cloth paper, denim, felt and craft foam.  2012

Luggage Label, made for reader challenge in CPS. Constructed from an old atlas page and other travel related items. 2012
"Felt" Book, including 10 dryer sheet and collage pages themed on felt like.....
Hand stitching and handmade button.
Slithered, image made from handmade and dyed felt. Cloth paper and embroidery silk detail.
Both reader challenges for CPS 2012.


Journal pages inspired by 1930's Eaton's catalogue.
No photographs but beautifully drawn black and white images,
too tempting not to add some comments or add a modern twist to these more innocent times. 

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