Sunday, 9 June 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge


One of the very best things I've done was to join a journaling club. My friend Sue had been with her daughter and raved about it, she then invited me to go along. As usual in many situations I appear to be the token male (men seem really odd or adverse about group activity?). We always have great time and laugh a lot. For $10 we get to try out various journaling/art techniques with support and of course use of the fancy supplies (I am usually too mean to buy fancy stuff, usually using supplies form the Dollar store or stuff I have recycled or found at the Thrift store) so this is a real treat. I joined the clubs Facebook page and they posted a 30 day drawing challenge, two lists of stuff to draw on a daily basis. What fun! I don't always draw in my art work (I love collage and use magazine images a lot) so this is pushing me in new directions. Have a peek see what you think?


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