Friday, 24 May 2013

Just a couple of rants of note in the last few days. First why do products have labels that are near impossible to get off? We have just re-roofed our deck with corrugated PVC sheets. They each had a label in one corner. I used Varsol to remove the sticky, or so I thought. This just turned the remaining glue to a pale purple "snot" which then spread like hell and coated everything that it touched, mostly my hands! I was not a happy camper. Thus said Mark did a great job of the roof which looks excellent.

Rant two, why can't people signal when driving, or signal as they start to turn? Hello.......the indicators on a car are to indicate to other drivers of your intentions to turn into junctions/roads etc. In Campbell River the drivers appear, or I am just so unlucky to encounter then on a frequent basis, awful drivers. At a junction yesterday, van parked near junction, car in front braked, so I brake, van continues to pull out despite me stopping. The van then honks its horn at me! Hello...braking to avoid hitting the car ahead.

No wonder I think slap therapy is a valid intervention!

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