Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring has Sprung...apparently!

First day of spring today, not that you would know it from the weather! Bit of everything today, rain, hail, wind and chilly. It will be so good to get out in the garden (hopefully at the weekend), will settle for watching the birds on the feeders on the deck for now. We have some crazy Woodpeckers in the garden (Northern Flicker, above) and the Piliated (below)who likes nothing better than to peck holy crap out of the trees and stumps.

The birds are kind of crazy. We have a loopy bunch of Blue Jays who raid the seed tray regularly (they are really noisy)and I noticed the Robin this evening trying his luck for a few worms where the old raised beds have been dug out.

I suppose we should count our blessing we don't have the snow. Looks like lots of Canada is still under the white stuff, as is poor old England. Going back to sit by the fire...lovely!

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